Ideas for a creative kids activity business

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Ideas for a creative kids activity business

With roughly 26 000 schools in South Africa, there are more than enough children who need to be kept busy over weekends and school holidays. Many provinces in the country have a variety of kids activities available but they don’t all offer creative and useful activities that can lead to new skills being developed.

If you’re a parent struggling with this problem or an entrepreneur looking to impress the youngest market out there, here are a few ideas for a creative kids activity business that you could start. It’s a win-win-win situation in that there’s profit to made, kids to entertain and parents to provide relief to.


Cooking classes for junior chefs

The first business idea is one that will definitely make parents happy and that’s starting a business that provides cooking classes for junior chefs. You’ll need to create a programme, which will require kids to come often in order to learn new recipes and kitchen skills. This will also book up a lot of their holiday and weekend time, allowing parents to have some time to themselves as well (if they aren’t joining in on the cooking lessons, that is).

Learning how to cook is an essential life skill that not many parents have the time to teach their children. And with Masterchef Junior becoming as popular as it is, there’s undoubtedly a niche market for this type of business. So, not only will children be learning how to cook for their adult future, but they’ll learn a few recipes which can help mom and dad out on busy nights during the week.

The cooking class will need a set programme that covers the basics and gets more technical with each following lesson. But, you could also have a once-off class option that will be a great birthday party activity where they can learn easy dessert recipes for kids with few ingredients and take home what they’ve baked. This will save parents needing to make birthday treats. This once-off class can also be a great marketing tool for attracting new junior chefs to the programme.

Arts and crafts restaurants

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear “arts and crafts restaurants” is probably the Clay Café in Cape Town. A restaurant where kids and adults alike can choose a pottery bisque to paint and decorate as they wish, with a beautiful view and outdoor area for them to run around in as well. It’s a genius idea, especially because it attracts as many adults as kids, if not more.

Having a restaurant section takes it from kid-friendly to family-friendly and is an extra part of the business you can bank on to generate profit. And when it comes to arts and crafts, there are really so many things you can offer. Canvas painting, making pottery (not just painting it) and craft classes where kids can design a t-shirt, make a sling bag or even create their own jewellery.   

Find a market that will appeal to the kids in your chosen business location and, obviously, something that you’re able to do and assist with yourself. Arts and crafts is a great way for kids to express themselves and take pride in their artwork. It develops their creativity and ability to think innovatively which are both admired skills in adults.


Kid-friendly CrossFit  

It’s not necessary to discuss the importance of children exercising and staying healthy, especially today where obesity in young South Africans is a rising statistic. But children don’t exactly have a gym to go to and, usually, rely on school sports and PE classes to keep them fit.

There is a need for a kid-friendly CrossFit type gym where kids can have fun while following a structured exercise plan. Include exercises that break the traditional equipment training and are both challenging and safe for children to do. You can’t really go wrong with an obstacle-course designed layout, where monkey bars, rope climbs and skipping are workouts in disguise.

It’s important to teach kids the importance of exercise and living healthy lifestyles. And by starting a training routine early, it will be easy for them to adapt it to their adult lifestyle one day.


Anything with animals

Most children love animals, so starting a petting-zoo, dog-walking or volunteering business where animals and children can spend time together, will not be a wasted venture. Teaching children how to respect and take care of animals has the potential to teach them how to respect and care for people too.

And starting a business where they have the opportunity to volunteer at shelters to show animals some love, will also teach them the importance of volunteering and the power of giving up your time for someone (or something else). Plus, who wouldn't enjoy spending a day taking care of puppies and kittens?

Children are the future of society and through what may seem like basic, creative activities, we have the chance to teach them relevant and appropriate skills for when they grow up.

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