How social media can help your creative business

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How social media can help your creative business

Whether you’re a creative crafter full-time or it’s your money-on-the-side passion project, social media and its marketing abilities can seriously help you.



First and foremost, social media provides multiple platforms for you to communicate with the world. The world may not be entirely aware of your existence on social media, but your current clients and potential clients will be able to contact you and you can contact them through social media accounts. Your presence on social media can extend your reach through something as simple as using hashtags – how easy?

It’s a more personal level of communication, unlike a formal email enquiring about your mosaic trays. It’s a place where people can easily see your products and comment for an enquiry (or give you a simple compliment, which is always nice).

Social media is a place where you can tell the story of your crafting journey and keep your followers updated. Bring in a “who we are” element to your platforms and you’ll connect even more with your followers. This is where community comes in and there are the benefits of collaboration and support.



Social media is a place to learn from others and share your own insight with other crafters. If you have handy business tips for the creative and crafts industry from your business training courses, have a weekly post to engage with other crafters, sharing your insight and possibly gaining new insight back from them.

Take Pinterest for example, there are so many ideas out there for crafters of all kinds and it’s a perfect platform to share your own creative ideas (that link to your site) and get your work out there.


Website traffic

Motivation for creating and managing your social media presence is the traffic it will bring to your website. Everything you do on social media can be linked to your website. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest (probably one of the best platforms for crafty people such as yourself) and Twitter can all host a link to your website.

If you feel that your arts and crafts business is too small, or too much of a hobby, to grant it a website then all you need is a Facebook page. Use this as your base of operations while planning a website. A website will really help your business in the long run and can even be used as a platform for articles and discussion forums within the creative community. It will also be a great way to take your business online in the ever-developing digital age.


Validates reputation

People are more likely to run to and trust a business that has a healthy social media presence. The quality of the posts, use of hashtags, type of content, language and tone used to communicate with followers tells a person a lot of the type of business they would be supporting.

In this way, social media serves as a type of validation of your reputation. And the more engagement with your social media profiles, the more comfortable people will be about buying your products or taking your art classes. Make sure you leave a review option on your pages and keep both good and bad reviews – be honest about who you are as a business and manage your complaints as any great business owner would.



Not only can your business benefit from having its own social media presence, but it benefits from your competitor’s profiles as well. It’s a great, harmless, platform for keeping a close eye on what your competition is up to and how their social media marketing strategies help boost their followers and engagement.



These days, almost every social media platform offers some form of advertising campaign that you can put together on a budget you can afford and spread your business message. You need to work with the platform that best suits your craft business and where you receive the most traction, and play around with the different campaign options until you find what works for you.

Focus your marketing efforts on the locals or you can focus on expanding your reach and market to surrounding areas if you already have good local support. Do this by targeting your specific audience based on location – something you can do with Facebook if you weren’t aware.



And, of course, following from marketing and advertising through social media, you will eventually be able to profitably use social media to increase your sales.

This is a constant goal for any business, but in the crafting industry, there is the struggle of competition between professionals making a living from their crafts and amateurs who are focussed on having fun and making a few extra bucks.


Invest in your social media and your business will start to grow.


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